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Update 1.5 and 1.6

Laurence Paolicelli

In the 1.6 update (released September 10, 2014)

New Features: 

  • Two new languages added thanks to some generous help from the community. A very special thanks goes to Julien Pons (Qwib-Qwib) for the French translation and Zsolt Brechler (lostprophet) for the Hungarian translation.


  • Key binding interface no longer jumps to the top of the list after selecting a key to change.

In the 1.5 update (released July 18, 2014):

Note that there are some very minor spoilers below. 


  • Fixed a potential progression blocker when players die while reading a note. 
  • Fix for the bell in Fort Hope not working properly at the end of the game in certain situations. 
  • Fixed a message timing problem that could potentially cause a destination in Deep Forest not to count toward the Pathfinder achievement. 
  • The key binding now shows on the Close button and functions as expected in all menus and screens. 
  • Map rollovers now work correctly with a gamepad. 
  • Numerous improvements in the menus and journal screens related to gamepad focus and selection highlighting.