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Update 1.4 released

David Longo

Do you know how much we love you and the Betrayer community? So much that we've released Update 1.4 today! New enemies, hazards and equipment, not to mention improved AI. Check it out the full list of features and improvements:

New Features

  • New enemy type! Spider-like creatures that swarm and spit harmful venom.
  • New hazard! Fungus-like growths that spew toxic mist when approached. Listen for their telltale sound and don’t get too close or you’ll regret it.
  • New equipment item! Throwable explosives! Scarce but powerful and highly effective against groups of enemies.


  • Option to show health bars for enemies.
  • Better enemy ranged weapon leading.
  • Better enemy pathfinding.
  • Better AI foot placement reduces cases of floating enemies.
  • Clarified the “Can’t carry” message.
  • Improved the Listen tutorial.


Update v1.1 released!

David Longo

A huge thanks to everyone who's been supporting Betrayer and giving us feedback! Bug fixes, gameplay tweaks and more! For more information on the changes, go here:

Betrayer Completed! Launches March 24th!

David Longo

We are very happy to report that the game is finished and will be released on March 24th for a retail price of $19.99. The $14.99 Early Access price will still be available until then.

We're grateful for all the feedback and suggestions the community provided during our Early Access. Your involvement resulted in many new features and refinements and helped us make a better, richer game experience.

Update 2!

David Longo

Update 2 went live last week with some new features, tweaks and fixes. 

The big news for this update is a color slider for those who requested it. Note that the original look is completely unchanged, so this is a purely optional alternative. The finished game will allow you to restore the default values. 






David Longo

Update 1 went live this week.

 New Features:

- Added sliders to allow adjustment of dark and light intensity. Accessible from the Main Menu or the Pause Menu while in-game.
- Added initial gamepad support. 

... and many more gameplay changes. Check out the full changelist here

We've a ton of great feedback on from the community. Thanks for your support and suggestions everyone!


Betrayer at PAX Prime

David Longo

We're excited to announce that Betrayer will be at PAX Prime: Aug 30 - Sept 2, 2013. Stop on by the Logitech booth (#3630) to play Betrayer and meet some of the Blackpowder Games team! 



Frankie on PC checks out Betrayer

David Longo

Frankie on PC put up a first impressions video for Betrayer. *SPOILER ALERT* If you don't want to ruin the fun of experiencing Betrayer for the first time on your own, you may not want to watch it. But if you're curious what he had to say... check it out. We're not going to stop you! 


Q and A

David Longo

One of our Facebook friends posted this question about unique weapons in Betrayer:

Q: Alec Chalmers: The HV penetrator gun (in F.E.A.R.) was awesome! Will we be seeing some unique weapon designs in this?

A: While we decided to stay with authentic to early 17th century weaponry, we did explore some ideas that may not have existed in that era. Here's an example of a unique weapon concept that didn't make the cut: The Crossbow Puppy. When we heard dogs in shooters were going to be huge in 2013 we just knew we had to see if this was something we could incorporate into our game design. Sadly, when we got it into the game, enemies thought it was too cute and would just stand around saying, "awwwww" and the puppy spent more time sniffing things than attacking so we ended up removing it from the game.