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Betrayer Alpha: Frequently Asked Questions


These are some frequently asked questions about the project and our general plans for it. Gameplay questions will be addressed separately.

Please start new discussions to ask follow-up questions.


Q: How often will you be releasing updates?

We're too grizzled and realistic to commit to a schedule knowing that it will fluctuate based on the specific work in progress and how quickly we can get to a point of stability, but we hope to release updates as frequently as we can. 

Iteration is the key to making a good game, so it's in our interests to try things, get your feedback, make adjustments, get more feedback, and so on. The faster that happens, the better. Within reason, of course. 


Q: How soon will new content (areas, enemies, etc.) be available?

This is even harder to predict, but to the previous point, the sooner we can get the whole game to alpha, the more time we'll be able to spend refining, polishing and balancing it. In other words, we're as eager to release new content as you may be to experience it.

The tricky part is that a lot of components have to come together to complete a region, which means there's a lot of room for things to go wrong, which is why we're reluctant to guess timeframes until we've eliminated a lot of the guesswork. Which is admittedly cheating, but we don't like to be wrong.


Q: Why is the game in high contrast black and white?

The reason we opted for this look is that we find that not being able to make immediate sense of the world around you is both engaging and tense in a way that traditional visuals are not. The extreme contrast requires extra effort to decipher what you’re seeing. In other words, one of the chief complaints we’ve heard about the visual style is the chief reason we chose it.

While we knew this approach wouldn’t appeal to everyone, we felt its impact on the experience was too interesting not to pursue. And since we’re a small indie studio with an Early Access title, it seemed like the ideal opportunity to experiment with something different.


Q: Will we be able to adjust the contrast?

Yes. That feature is in the first update, which we were hoping to have released by now.

The challenge was finding a solution that didn’t come at the expense of the default look, hurt performance, complicate artist workflow, or require us to rework all the art assets. In the course of optimizing and refining the post processing, Wes came up with an approach that meets those requirements and we’re excited to get feedback.


Q: Will we be able to play in color?

We’re still looking into it. If we can figure out an option that meets the requirements outlined above, then yes.

Our perspective is this: while changing the look of the game won’t provide the intended experience, neither do you get the intended experience if you play it uncomfortably, resentfully, or not at all. We’ve heard from a lot of people who like the concept of the game but can’t get past the visuals, so we’d like to find a solution that accommodates them.


Q: How much will the game cost when it’s officially released?

We honestly haven’t planned that far ahead, but the final price will not be lower than the Early Access price. If you buy the game now, you won’t feel like you overpaid later (barring sales, of course).


Q: When will the game be done?

We don’t have an exact estimate yet, but we’re reaching the phase of the project where we can start to get an idea how long it’s going to take to finish the game. We may be able to make a ballpark projection in a few weeks. Or maybe we’ll only be able to make a ballpark projection of when we believe we can make a ballpark projection.


Q: When I pay for Early Access, do I also get the full game?

Absolutely! Early Access to Betrayer is effectively a preorder that allows you to play the game before it's finished and contribute feedback or suggestions to help make it better. But you can also wait to install the game until it's officially released if you prefer to experience the finished product without preconceptions or spoilers.


Q: Can I publish videos of Betrayer on the internet?

Yes you can! We allow Let’s Play videos and walkthoughs on blogs, YouTube, etc. You can even monetize them with ad revenue.

What we don’t allow is selling or licensing of Betrayer videos to others for payment (non-commercial use only). If you have any questions about this, please contact