6 Ways to Quickly Earn Credits in Gran Turismo 7

by Samam Hasan
Gran Turismo 7 Race Car

Credits are the primary currency in Gran Turismo 7 and they allow you to buy new cars, purchase upgrade parts, get custom liveries, and colors as well. There are a lot of methods to earn credits quickly, so, we’re going to nail down all the quickest methods in the game.

How many credits do you start with in Gran Turismo 7?

At the start of the game, you are given 20,000 credits and from that, you have to earn your credits through a variety of activities.

How to earn credits quickly in Gran Turismo 7:

  1. The Café Menus
GT7 Cafe Menu

Completing the races in the Café menus will give you a lot of credits over time. Generally, the races are short and you can gain upwards of at least 10k credits in each race. There are a total of 39 café menus with 3 to 5 races in most of them. Completing them will give you a bunch of credits as well as some bonus as well.

  1. Driving Missions
Magic Mountain Driving Mission

The driving missions also give you a fair number of credits. Generally, the amount of time needed to complete certain missions is not properly reflected in the credit rewards if we’re being honest. But luckily, we have the newly added Human Comedy Missions, which are the 1-hour endurance races. Completing each of them will give you 1,000,000 credits as well.

  1. Circuit Experiences
Gran Turismo 7 Circuits Daytona Course
Gran Turismo™ 7_20220311110851

The circuit experiences also give you a good amount of credits if you nail the lap times. Getting Bronze and Gold will provide you with a lot of credits in all the circuits available in the game. For example, getting Bronze and Gold in the Red Bull Ring will give you 200,000 and 1,000,000 credits respectively. If you get gold in all the circuit experiences then that will give you in total, of 48,600,000 credits.

  1. World Circuit Races
World Circuit Races

The world circuit races are the main sources of credits in the game. For credit farming, you’ll need to pick a specific few, like the WTC 800 1 hour of Spa, WTC 800 15 laps of Sardegna, WTC 600 30 minutes of Le Mans, and a few more. Other than that a variety of championships gives you a good chunk of credits after completing the series of races.

  1. Daily Roulettes
GT7 Roulettes

Daily Roulettes provide you with a small number of credits every single day if you’re lucky. Normally, the 1 to 3 stars will give you at best 5,000 credits. It’s not much but this is how the game is designed, unfortunately. IT gets better when you get 4-star roulettes with the chances of getting 10,000 or 30,000 credits significantly increased. It gets much better with the 5 or 6-star roulettes with the chance of getting 100,000 or 500,000 credits too.

  1. Online Time Trials
Online Time Trials

The new lap time challenge added to the Gran Turismo 7 online time trials can give you a good number of credits if you’re skilled enough to set a perfect time. Getting within 5% of the best time on a circuit will net you 1,000,000 credits while getting within 10% will net you 250,000 credits.

In these ways, you can earn credits quickly in Gran Turismo 7.

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