How to Unlock New Cars in Gran Turismo 7

by Samam Hasan
Gran Turismo 7 Car

Gran Turismo 7 has over 400 cars of different varieties and classes, from Japanese Kei cars to Vision Gran Turismo. All of them are unique in their own way and possess unique visual characteristics and custom liveries. So, in order to drive them in the game, you first need to unlock access to them. There are many ways you can unlock cars in Gran Turismo 7. The ways you can unlock them are given below:

5 Ways To Unlock Cars in Gran Turismo

1. Completing the Cafe Menus:

Cafe Menus GT7

The majority of the Café Menus is about collecting different variations and classes of cars. You are given 3 or more races in order to complete a menu. If you finish at least 3rd in them, you will receive a car. And then, if you complete the whole menu, you’ll receive another car as well.

2. The Used Car Dealership:

Used Car Dealership GT7

The Used car dealership in Gran Turismo 7 is where you’ll find used post-2001 cars as well as used pre-2001 cars. All of them have a lot of mileage on them and might need engine changes later on. But, fortunately, as they are used, they cost much less than the fresh out-of-the-factory models. The used car catalog is updated every week where you’ll find different cars usually with varied colors.

3. From Brand Central:

Brand Central Gran Turismo 7

Brand Central possesses all the post-2001 cars from different manufacturers in Europe, Asia, and North America. They range from standard compacts to amazing concept designs known as Vision Gran Turismos. Players will be able to unlock Brand Central after completing Menu Book #4. Additionally, you need to get Invitations, which are entirely luck-based, to have the ability to buy special vehicles from manufacturers.

4. Completing License Tests and Driving Missions:

License Test and Driving Missions in GT7

Completing License Tests and Driving Missions with Bronze and Gold Medals will also offer you vehicles. But these are not easy to complete. You can get the Bronze Medals, getting Gold Medals are extremely tough and requires a lot of focus and dedication.

5. Daily Roulettes:

Daily Roulettes

Another way to unlock cars is through Daily Roulettes. You can get them by completing Daily Marathons which is exactly 26.2 miles or 42.1 km. Getting cars through daily roulettes is completely luck-based. The types of Daily Roulettes range from 1 star to 6 stars, but the options can change. A 5- or 6-star roulette has a greater chance of giving you cars. They can also give you invitations to buy special cars as well. On rare occasions, one can get a Legends car as well in the Daily Roulette.

Following these steps will definitely help you in unlocking your favorite cars.

How to unlock Legend Cars:

How to unlock legend cars Gran Turismo 7

Legend Cars are cars that have earned their iconic status among the motorsport community as well as sealed their places in history due to their iconic performances. Their prices vary with the most expensive ones being 20,000,000 Credits. The Legends Car Dealership is unlocked after completing Menu-Book #17. The dealership always refreshes after 7-8 days.  Sometimes prices also can go up or down depending on their real-world value. 

They can be unlocked in the following process: 

  1. Head to the world map
  2. Select the Legends Car icon located at the right of the map
  3. There you will have 7-8 Legend Cars available at a time
  4. Pick one or more than one according to your ability and purchase
  5. They will now be available in your garage

So, when you have enough credits to buy it, you definitely should.

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