How to Vent? A Strategic Guide to Venting in Among Us

by Aakash Regmi

Sun Tzu wrote in his book, The Art of War, “Maneuvering with an army is advantageous; with an undisciplined multitude, most dangerous.” While Among Us isn’t exactly an intensely spirited conflict like a war, some of the treatises are applicable.

Whenever you move from room to room in Among Us as an Imposter, you must practice utmost discipline. Even a single sight of ungraceful movement will be deemed sus. Practicing discipline in your maneuver requires a good situational awareness, map knowledge, and being wise to all that is within reach. 

Luckily, you have some extra resources at your disposal when you plan to wander around and act normal. One such is Vents, and performing it is called Venting. 

The Concept of Vent, What Does it Even Mean?

A vent is, as you probably already understood, an opening passage that you have in houses, offices, factories, or confined spaces to let air pass. In action movies, you have already seen the protagonist breach through the vent into the villains’ liar a hundred times. 

Among Us takes place inside a spaceship, and they’ve got plenty of those, at least in the game. Once you enter a vent you can quickly transport to the other end of the map, wherever the vent ends. 

There are a handful of things to know before you master venting.

  1. Venting is possible when you’re an Imposter. There is no restriction in terms of how many times you can use them. 
  2. It is used to quickly escape from the scene of crime. 
  3. While no one from your crew is notified when you use a vent, they can see the animation of you entering if they are in proximity and looking directly at you. 
  4. If someone spots you using them, that’s a dead giveaway. Game is finished. 
  5. Once you enter the vent, you’re invisible, and you can either stay there and continue to hide, or move forth and advance to another room where the vent leads. 
  6. Other than imposters, engineers also have access to vents but for a limited number of times. 

Now that you’re somewhat familiar with the concept, let us deep dive and conquer the art of venting. 

Using Vents Like a Master Assassin

Sun Tzu wrote in his book, The Art of War, “Move not unless you see an advantage; use not your troops unless there is something to be gained; fight not unless the position is critical.” Your crewmates are all in eagle-eye mode, especially if they know one among them is a snitch. This leaves you no choice but to always be wary. One clumsy moment and everything drains down the vent.

The three W’s you can follow are Why, When, and Where.

Consider this, if you’re looking to use a vent to kill someone, make sure no one notices the moment of entry and exists. You can shut the door, kill, and then vent. No one should be on the cameras, if there is a red blinking light that means someone is using surveillance.

Map the process in your brain something like this:

Why am I venting?

Escaping from the scene of crime

When should I vent?

Is this the right time? Do I even need to vent? If none of the crewmates are around, it isn’t necessary to use vents, as someone might be on the other end. One of the crewmates may have just exited the vent area on the other end and seeing you come out, and as no one was there a moment ago, they’ll think you’re definitely sus.

Where to vent?

If you know every route and where the vents are in all locations, this is super advantageous. Some places are hotspots that are visited often; stay far away from them unless you’re sure there is no one there. 

Between games, having clarity in strategy is essential. Keep reading to find a few basic approaches to using vents. 

Guide to Use Vents in Among Us

  • The most effective way of using vents is by using them to kill. Entering a room, killing the crew, and leaving can leave you exposed if someone is around. Instead, enter, kill, and exit through the same vent. 
  • When escaping the scene of crime, make sure no one is around either. As when someone enters the room and sees a dead body and a vent nearby, the immediate suspicion may be on the person on the other end of the vent. Veteran players already know where they start and end. 
  • Never use them if someone is following you. 
  • To avoid being seen, always close the door when possible while using the vent. 
  • If someone is on admin they can see you use them. Be wary. 
  • Though not always feasible, first visit admin, see if someone is around then use the closest vent. 
  • If you’re caught using one, just stand still, wait for some time to pass, and use it again. This may be interpreted by others as you’re an engineer (as they also have access to vents but with a cooldown). Though this won’t work if the person that saw you is an engineer or knows who them is. 
  • Always pick those who are alone. Kill one at a time, preferably one who is farthest. Multiple sync execution can be done if there are more Imposters and they coordinate. 
  • Turn left to go right. If the area that you want to go to has possible crewmates, make en route to a nearby vent and walk to your destination.
  • Turn the lights off. It also buys you time as another person will not notice dead bodies until it is on. 
  • If you’re spotted but the other person isn’t in the line of sight of the body to report, they will run. By navigating through vents you can kill them before they press the emergency button. But, as said previously, you need to have good knowledge of maps and vents. 

For engineers, always use vents sparingly. No one will trust you when they see you doing it. If you see an Imposter killing one of your crew and is coming after you, navigate through vents onto the emergency button. 

One thing we’ve stressed throughout the tips is knowing where vents are and where they lead. Map knowledge usually develops over time, but to shorten it, here are the detailed location of vents and how they web in all maps.

Where are the vents? 

The Airship

The Airship is the largest, and the latest, map in Among Us. As you can see in the visual above, vents are fairly linked, scattered in four sets, with three being threaded as triangles, and two straight lines on the far left.

On the rightmost, there are three vents knitted with each other. They are located on, Record, Cargo Bay, and Shower. 

The mid-most, similar structure, has two on Gap Room and is connected to Main Hall.

Below it, vents are mapped among Engine Room, Main Hall, and Kitchen. 

The last one, that doesn’t form a triangular formation, two are located on Viewing Deck and Vault, both meeting on Cockpit.  

The Polus

Visuals are different for vents in The Polus. Instead of steel-like ventilators, they are holes dug. Only their appearance is different but they function the same. 

As seen in the image, there is a pretty lengthy distance covered in the right-most vent. It starts at Laboratory and ends beside Admin with multiple stops. 

Exactly in the middle are three vents located on Storage, and are connected below Communication and Office. 

Two of them, at the very top, are in a straight lane below the Dropship. 

Last remaining, on the extreme left, is linked with 02, Security, and just north of Communication. 

The Skeld

The Skeld has the simplest of designs when it comes to how they web across maps. 

On the extreme left and right sides of the map, there are eight vents all of them are interlinked in the group of two. Towards your left, both sets of vents head into a single room—from Weapons and Shields to Navigation. 

The right ones, on the other hand, both start at Upper Engine and Lower Engine and end at Reactor. 

The shorter triangle touches Security, Medbay, and Electrical. 

Mira HQ 

The vents in Mira HQ is… umm… how do I frame it?… Let us just say it is well-linked and insane. You can literally travel to any corner of the map through them. 

Mira HQ also doesn’t have any security cameras and that makes your life very easy.

An expert sussy player can kill everyone on this map by just venting around. It can also be complicated and hard to attune with, but eventually, once you get the hold of it, every game as an Imposter on the map won’t break a sweat. 

The vent at the very top, some players may miss it, is hidden behind a glass tube. It is routed towards Admin and Office. 

We have now reached the end of our extensive Among Us guide to venting. Of course, there is much else to discover, and that is the learning curve once you pile hours into the game. Check out our Guides section for a healthy amount of tips in plenty of different games. 

In case you just started Among Us and can’t find the right username, here is the list of 250+ names, some of them are really funny! 

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