Q and A

One of our Facebook friends posted this question about unique weapons in Betrayer:

Q: Alec Chalmers: The HV penetrator gun (in F.E.A.R.) was awesome! Will we be seeing some unique weapon designs in this?

A: While we decided to stay with authentic to early 17th century weaponry, we did explore some ideas that may not have existed in that era. Here's an example of a unique weapon concept that didn't make the cut: The Crossbow Puppy. When we heard dogs in shooters were going to be huge in 2013 we just knew we had to see if this was something we could incorporate into our game design. Sadly, when we got it into the game, enemies thought it was too cute and would just stand around saying, "awwwww" and the puppy spent more time sniffing things than attacking so we ended up removing it from the game.