How to Keep Nightclub Popularity Level High In GTA Online

by Samam Hasan
GTA Online Nightclub

The nightclub is a viable business in GTA Online if you know how to run things properly. One of the important factors in the popularity of the business. Maintaining the level of popularity of your Nightclub in Grand Theft Auto Online is incredibly vital if you want to make a respectable amount of money from it. If you don’t take care of the club, the popularity meter can decrease extremely rapidly.

Method 1: Promo Missions

To increase nightclub popularity, players need to go to their computer in their Nightclub office and then select the “Promote Club” option. These promo missions increase your Nightclub popularity by 5%.

Then, they will receive various kinds of missions from Tony, English Dave, or Lazlow. Some of the possible missions include:

  1. Attaching flyers in 8 specific locations within Los Santos. Completing the mission will give players $5000 and a decent amount of RP.
  2. Dropping flyers in 8 different locations from a Buzzard. The player is given a round of 15-20 minutes to complete the mission.
  3. Playing music in 3 different areas around Los Santos for a specific amount of time while in a Blimp. The music depends on which DJ is present in the Nightclub.
  4. Picking up small-time celebrities and influencers from various locations. Players will have to use Tony’s Schafter V12 car for the mission. When it’s done, the club’s popularity will go up, and the player will get up to $5,000 and some RP as a reward.
  5. Picking up celebrities that might involve police chases as well. Sometimes the celebrities might also be arrested by the cops. The player needs to go to the mentioned location first. Players must hijack the police transporter with the celebrity in the rear and take it over. Before they can bring the celebrity to the club, they must first lose their 2-star wanted level.
  6.  Recover a stolen supply truck. This usually involves a time limit of between 5-10 minutes with the supply truck being located mainly in the northern parts of the map most of the time. You also might get ambushed by enemy NPCs as well. They will keep attacking the player by pursuing them until they return to the location of the club.
  7. Collecting a Pisswasser liquor truck and driving it back. The truck is mostly located in the Northern parts of the maps, mainly on the highway. The player needs to bring it back with minimum damage in order to successfully complete the mission. A supplies health meter is shown where it indicates the status of the liquor. The time limit is generally between 15-20 minutes.
  8. Players must frighten away developers by causing damage to their bosses’ vehicles parked at four different spots all around the player’s nightclub. Each of the 10 nightclub sites will have its own unique location. For the destruction, they are given a baseball bat. Damage to each vehicle is represented on a vehicle damage meter, which indicates when enough damage has been inflicted on it. There are some NPCs that will flee, while others will try to assault the player. Most of the time, players only need to aim their weapons to subdue them. Upon successful completion of the task, they will receive $5000 in cash and some amount of RP.
  9. Players might need to collect DJ equipment if the resident DJ is unhappy with the club. They need to transport a van to the nightclub which has the musical equipment as well. They may be attacked by enemy NPCs too.

Method 2: Hire a DJ

Buying a resident DJ will fill up the popularity meter. Each of the DJs cost $100,000 the first time. For rehiring them, it will cost $10,000. DJs improve popularity by 10% each time you rehire them.

To hire a DJ, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Nightclub management computer and you will have the option to choose the resident DJ
  2. You have four options: Solomon, Tale of Us, Dixon and the Black Madonna
  3. Choose your preferred DJ.

Method 3: Dance

Dancing can also help increase the popularity of the nightclub. For about 5 minutes of constant dancing your popularity will increase by 5%. But maximum 50% of the popularity can be gained by dancing. That means if your Nightclub reaches 50% popularity, dancing won’t increase it anymore. you’ll have to resort to other methods.

All of these can help restore the popularity of the Nightclub. In these ways, you can keep the popularity of your Nightclub high in GTA Online.

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