How to Play SCP: Secret Laboratory (Complete Guide 2023)

by Aakash Regmi

Deep inside the internet is a community of unpleasant stories about extraterrestrial objects and beings that are far off the realm of real-life possibility. Based on these foundations is SCP: Secret Laboratory, a first-person horror game where your main objective is to escape or kill the ones escaping. 

It is natural to be clouded with confusion on your first visit, so here is a comprehensive guide to SCP: Secret Laboratory. 

The Basics of SCP: Secret Laboratory

There are two types of playable characters: 

  • Humans which consists of multiple subclasses.
  • SCPs that are all the weird aliens you see. 

Players could spawn as either of those and there is no choice of favorites. Each class has different objectives and abilities. 

The general goal is to navigate the map, collect loot, and move towards the fulfillment of the objective. 

Now that the basics are sorted, let’s talk about some finer details starting with the map. 

SCP Secret Laboratory How to Navigate the Map

SCP: Secret Laboratory’s map—consisting of multiple floors and rooms—is randomly generated for each game. The same collider may lead you to different rooms in the next match. So here are all the key points on the map to remember: 

  • Map is randomized in each game.
  • There are, however, limited sets of layouts that are followed for specific rooms. 
  • Secret Laboratory is updated with new layouts every once in a while. The information that you read about the map layout six months or a year ago may not be relevant anymore. 
  • Like the layout, the loot you find in each room is also picked at random. Few exceptions. 
  • Navigating between rooms and floors needs keycards.
  • Floors can be exited or entered through checkpoints. 
  • Your spawn location will be different based on who you are (i.e., your class).  

Beyond these tidbits, among other major things to learn are all the different floors, or zones, in the game’s map. There are currently three: 

  1. Light Containment Zone 
  2. Heavy Containment Zone 
  3. Entrance Zone

1. Light Contamination Zone

Located atop the Heavy Containment Zone, the LCZ, has lots of resources to loot. Unfortunately, your stay won’t be long, as LCZ has a Decontamination Process that has anybody who stays in these parts dead after 11 minutes and 45 seconds. 

This means you’ll have to quickly navigate rooms, collect as many resources as possible, and make en route to the Heavy Containment Zone. Do not rush however, 11 minutes is still plenty of time. 

The rooms on this floor can be identified with letter symbols located above the doors. Here are all of them: 

Symbols What’s inside? 
HSStraight Hallway 
HC Corner Hallway 
IT 3-way intersection 
IX 4-way intersection 
CD 01Class-D Cells
TC Testing Chamber 
ALAirlock Hallway
VT 00Garden Chamber/Greenhouse
## 00LCZ Armory
WC 00Water Closet
#914SCP-914’s Containment Chamber
PT 00SCP-173’s Containment Chamber
PC 15Office
GR 18Glass Room
EX – A LCZ/HCZ Checkpoint
EX – BLCZ/HCZ Checkpoint

Some of these symbols are suffixed with numbers, like HS 02, in case there are multiple similar rooms. Don’t go around in circles by ignoring these numbers. The lowest number denoted for these is 01. 

Let’s learn about some of these rooms and what’s in there once you spot them. 

Note: All loot mentioned has a random drop rate unless specified.   

CD 01 – Class-D Cells 

A spawn room for a particular role, Class-D, and has no significance besides. 

WC 00 – Water Closet 

These rooms have chances for janitor or scientist keycards and a COM-15 pistol. 

And, you can also find a First Aid Kit that is used to heal.  

PC 15 – Office

A guaranteed spawn for Scientist Keycards awaits at the office. This is an important room, especially for D-Boys as the Scientists Keycard is good and can help you get quick access to cards with checkpoint access. 

You can take the Scientists Keycard here, head straight to Testing Chamber – TC01, and grab a Zone Manager one there. Zone Manager has checkpoint access, which will quickly let you access HCZ. 

You may also run into a standard locker here that will, as usual, provide random resources. Namely, painkiller, flashlight, keycards (zone manager, scientist, and janitor), radio, coin, and first aid kit. 

VTOO – Garden Chamber

All the resources we previously mentioned in PC 15 will be available here. Other things you can find here are Bulletproof Locker 7 and a workstation. 

GR 18 – Glass Room 

COM 15 pistol, workstation, standard locker, and keycards of janitor and scientists can be found in this room.

#00 – LCZ Armory

This room has tons of ammunition. That was implied with the name anyway. 

If being equipped with tons of firepower is what you’re after, find a way here. Although you’ll need a keycard with Armory Access Tier 1 to enter this room. 

AL – Airlock

Bulletproof Locker 7 is the only possible loot you can get in this room. 

#914 – SCP-914

Perhaps the most important room in LCZ as this is where you upgrade all your resources including keycards. Every human class that spawns in LCZ with the objective to escape is after this room first. 

There are levels to keycards and you require a higher level to make your way out. Some cards have checkpoint access and only by using those can you get your head out of LCZ into HCZ. 

Entering this room itself requires a keycard—any basic one will do. 

TC01 – Testing Chamber

You’re guaranteed to find Combat Armor and a Zone Manager keycard. Other random loot includes a COM-15 pistol, Bulletproof Locker 7, Standard Locker, First Aid Cabinet, and Workstation. 

Heading into TC01 is one of the quickest ways to move out of LCZ. The keycard you’re guaranteed to find here, Zone Manager, has access to checkpoints. 

Though, a keycard with Containment Access Tier 2 will be required to enter this room. That is, all cards bar the Janitor, Guard, and Zone Manager itself. For D-Boys, you can kill scientists to get their cards—or get one PC-15 as shared earlier—as their card is enough to open this room and grab a Zone Manager card. 

PT 00 – SCP-173’s Containment Chamber 

The room contains more or less the same resources as most above. No guarantees but you may run into COM-15, Bulletproof Locker 7, First Aid Cabinet, Workstation, and Standard Locker.

That’s all you need to know when you enter the rooms. The only last thing you can carve into your mind is the layout possibility for LCZ rooms. Could come in handy. 

The layouts of Light Contamination Zone (as of January 2023): 

2. Heavy Contamination Zone

The zone is a spawn point for many alien nemeses so if you’re a human you’ll have to tread very carefully. 

Although mechanically there are some differences the general gist is the same as LCZ—rooms, resources, and more rooms. 

So, here are all the notable places that you’ll come across in this zone. 

Tesla Gate 

Nothing to see here. Don’t linger around it, as this fires shock to everyone who approaches it.

Once you creep closer you’ll see shock coming out of the gate, implying you do not go any further. There is a warning sign tucked at the top of the gate. 

Server Rooms 

A two-storey room, server room is easily identifiable because there are lots of “servers” there. You’re guaranteed to find a Scientist Keycard here. Others that are merely a possibility include Emergency Power Station, First Aid Cabinet, and Workstation. 

Alpha Warhead Silo 

While this area has plenty of other stuff to loot for, the main attraction of this area is Alpha Warhead. This is basically the nuke of this game and if someone activates it, the warhead virtually destroys everything. 

To detonate you’ll need to know the route to the surface zone and a keycard with nuke access. Here is how to activate the weapon of mass destruction: 

  1. Locate Alpha Warhead in the HCZ
  2. Flip the lever located near the Warhead 
  3. Find the Warhead Activation room in the Surface Zone 
  4. Open and press a button underneath the glass panel. This requires a keycard with nuke access. 

Once the weapon that kills all will be activated all the doors in the map will open. Though there are barely a few minutes left for doing anything. Everyone will be rushing to the surface zone once the sirens echoes throughout the entire facility. 

In case someone else pressed the nuke and you wish to stop it, you’ll have to locate the alpha warhead silo and press the red button. 


If there is a massive pit in the middle of the room and you’ve resisted the temptation to jump, the room is a testroom. You can try to jump and see what happens. To your surprise, it will function like a regular pit. 

Around the area you can find a Workstation, Emergency Power Station, First Aid Cabinet, and Bulletproof Locker 7. 

Micro H.I.D. Armory

This room has a guaranteed spawn of Micro H.I.D and a workstation. 

Micro H.I.D is a weapon and is powerful too, capable of holding against SCPs. To access this room, you’ll need Armory Access 3. 

Ammunition Armory

The room needs Armory Access 1. As the name would suggest there is a lot of ammunition here with guaranteed spawn for COM-18, 5.56×45mm, 9×19mm with a possibility of Bulletproof Locker 7. 

There are other rooms in this zone including an Entrance Zone Checkpoints, from where you head into the Entrance Zone. Rest of them are spawn points for SCPs and hide similar loot. 

The layouts of Heavy Contamination Zone (as of January 2023):

3. Entrance Zone

While the entrance zone is fairly large there isn’t much. The only significance is there are two gates— A and B—the exit from the facility. 

Oh and, there is a unique room here called the Intercom Room. If you enter here, there will be a mic where you can speak, and whatever you blabber will be heard by everyone in the facility. No, don’t think about going all the way there just to beatbox.

The layouts of Entrance Zone (as of January 2023):

There is one additional zone called the Surface Zone. There isn’t much strategy here. And you’re probably here because you’re looking for an escape. Surface Zone is also the only part of the map that doesn’t explode after the warhead is activated. 

How to use Keycards 

Keycards are an important part of the map, and you’ll absolutely need them if you’re to escape the facility. Besides, some rooms also require a keycard to enter. 

Here is the list of all cards and what you can access. 

Name of the cardWhat can you access? 
Janitor • Access to SCP-914’s chamber
Scientist• Access to SCP-914’s chamber
• Access to SCP-012’s and SCP-096’s chamber
Research Supervisor• Access to SCP-914’s chamber
• Access to SCP-012’s and SCP-096’s chamber
• Checkpoint Access 
Containment Engineer• Access to SCP-914’s chamber
• Access to SCP-012’s and SCP-096’s chamber
• Access to SCP-106’s and SCP-079’s chamber
• Alpha Warhead’s Armory
• Checkpoint Access
• Intercom Access 
Guard Access Card• Access to SCP-914’s chamber
• Access to the LCZ Armory and HCZ Ammunition room
• Checkpoint Access 
MTF Captain • Access to SCP-914’s chamber
• Access to SCP-012’s and SCP-096’s chamber
• Access to the LCZ Armory and HCZ Ammunition room
• Access to the armory at SCP-049’s chamber
• Alpha Warhead’s Armory
• Access to the Micro H.I.D room
• Gate Access
• Checkpoint Access
• Intercom Access 
MTF Sergeant• Access to SCP-914’s chamber
• Access to SCP-012’s and SCP-096’s chamber
• Access to the armory at SCP-049’s chamber
• Alpha Warhead’s Armory
• Gate Access
• Checkpoint Access 
MTF Private • Access to SCP-914’s chamber
• Access to SCP-012’s and SCP-096’s chamber
• Access to the LCZ Armory and HCZ Ammunition
• Access to the armory at SCP-049’s chamber
• Alpha Warhead’s Armory
• Checkpoint Access 
Zone Manager• Access to SCP-914’s chamber
• Checkpoint Access 
Facility Manager• Access to SCP-914’s chamber
• Access to SCP-012’s and SCP-096’s chamber
• Access to SCP-106’s and SCP-079’s chamber
• Gate Access
• Checkpoint Access
• Alpha Warhead’s Armory
• Intercom Access 
Chaos Insurgency • Access to SCP-914’s chamber
• Access to SCP-012’s and SCP-096’s chamber
• Access to the LCZ Armory and HCZ Ammunition
• Access to the armory at SCP-049’s chamber
• Access to the Micro H.I.D room
• Gate Access
• Checkpoint Access
• Intercom Access 
O5• Jack of all trades and a master of all as well. 05 card has all the access.

Yes, this is indeed a very tiring table to rehearse, but knowing it will have a significant advantage. Most playstyles are surrounded by keycards. 

Neat tip: For those whose objective is to escape, embedded all cards with Gate & Checkpoint Access in your brain. A popular “speed run” style of escape where you rush straight into gates relies heavily on these. Loot and upgrade your keycards, dodge everything, and rush straight to the gates.   

Upgrading keycard

Some cards do not have many privileges, but as we shared above, cards can be upgraded at SCP-914 in the Light Containment Zone and have their access improved. 

There are three ways to upgrade your cards:  

  • Fine 
  • Very Fine: Higher upgrades than fine but 50% chance to destroy the card 
  • 1:1 to exchange for a similar value
  • Coarse/Rough: Downgrade or destroy the card 

And, here is a flow chart created by the community that displays the upgrade path (Card’s name is written in the middle). 

Learn the Controls

Here are all the default controls for SCP: Secret Laboratory 


WASD – Walk [Forward, Left, Backward, and Right]

Shift – Run

C – Stealth Walk

Left click – Shoot

Right click – Aim

E – Interact

Hold E – Pick up item

Tab – Inventory

Q – Voice Chat

N – Player list

M – Admin password


Left click – Attack

Hold E – Turn dead humans into zombies

V – Voice Chat

Shift – Run

Tab (106) – Teleport Ability


F – Toggle Flashlight

T – Throw Item

F1 – Character Info

R – Reload

I – Inspect

M – Remote Admin


Left Ctrl – Keycard    

1- Primary Weapon   

2 – Secondary Weapon 

X- Medical    

G- Grenade

Learn the Roles

By now, you are well familiar with all the other game mechanics. Now is the time to understand all the different classes, their objectives, and general strategies when you play as them. 

D Class Personnel (D-Boys)

Spawn Location: Random CD-01 Cell 

Starting Equipment: Nothing

Objective: Escape

Guide to play as D-Class Personnel

Surviving the game as D-Boys is, frankly, tough. Nor do you not have any weapons to begin with but tons of people will be after you. SCPs will be for sure, but other humans like MTF, Facility Guards, and Scientists will also be after your blood. The only ally of the D-Boys is the Chaos Insurgency. If you happen to come across any of them, stick to them.

Since your main goal is to get out of here as soon as possible, your priority should be finding keycards and quickly locating the SCP-914 room in LCZ, since this is where you’ll upgrade your cards. We have already shared the upgrade path for keycards. Use the recipe to make one that has gate access.  

The easiest way, not just restricted for D-Boys use only, with a Janitor card: 

First, 1:1 for Zone Manager 

Second, Fine for Research Supervisor Lastly, Fine for O5. 

You can always grab some guns along the way and shoot scientists, as they have keycards, first aid, and other valuable resources. Then, as quickly as you can, head to HCZ through checkpoints and find a way to the Entrance Zone. Run to either Gate A or B. 

D-Boys are also a subclass that you’ll be spawned with more of in general because there are a lot of them. That also means your strength is in numbers.  



Spawn Location: LCZ, any random location

Starting Equipment: Scientists Keycard and First Aid Kit

Objective: Escape

Guide to play as Scientists

Because you have some starting equipment, you’re better off than Class D boys. This makes Class D jealous, and they will kill you on sight for your resources. 

The objective of scientists is the same as that of the Class D boys, so the process here is the same as well. Collect cards, find room SCP-914 in LCZ, and make your way into Gate A or Gate B.  

MTF and Facility Guards are two types that will be on your side. 

Facility Guard

Spawn Location: Entrance Zone, any random location

Starting Equipment: MP7, Guard Keycard, First Aid Kit, Radio, Disarmer, and Flashbang Grenade

Objective: Eliminate SCPs 

Guide to play as Facility Guard

Facility Guards are the first responders and are deployed to eliminate all SCP threats. This means your first logical step is to head into HCZ as soon as possible and, soon after, to LCZ. 

The course of action for them is to head to LCZ to escort scientists and kill all SCPs in the way, and eventually, all of them. Another class that’ll cause a ruckus is D-Boys, so you’ll have to either kill them or disarm them. 

One of the biggest mistakes to make would be to rush straight into SCP-914. Yes, it sounds logical because all the D-Boys and Scientists will be heading there to upgrade their cards, but so will almost every other SCP. Going there without being well equipped—more armor and better guns—could very well be suicide. With the keycard you spawn with, you can head into the HCZ and LCZ armory for more guns and better equipment. 

All the firearms are at your disposal, go ahead fearlessly, search zones for keycards, and deal with SCPs. I mean, just go ahead and nuke the damn map. 


Type: Humans 

Spawn Location: Entrance Zone, any random location

Starting Equipment: Depends on rank

Objective: Eliminate SCPs 

Guide to play as NTF

The purpose is largely the same as Facility Guard. Kill all threats, escort scientists, and neutralize D-Boys. 

Major difference from Facility Guard is the fact that NTFs have ranks, and your starting equipment is based on your rank, with a higher rank getting better resources. 

Once you’ve done your bit of escorting, you can activate the warhead. Or you do it at the beginning, just for laughs.  

Chaos Insurgency


Spawn Location: Surface Zone, near the elevator to Gate A

Starting Equipment: Logicer LMG, First Aid Kit, Painkillers, and Chaos Insurgency Keycard

Objective: Screw ’em all except the D-Boys

Guide to play as Chaos Insurgency

Everyone loves them, don’t they? That’s because they can befriend SCPs and seek nothing but to save the D-Boys. Sounds simple enough. There’s really nothing to guide you here. May chaos take the world. 


Type: Humans 

Spawn Location: Surface Zone, Gate B

Starting Equipment: Depends on rank

MTF plays similarly to NTF, after all the latter is part of the former. People also use both of these interchangeably as the same guides apply to both.  


There are tons of them and each has unique abilities. We’ll go through each of them briefly. 

SCP-173 – Peanut

This bad boy is capable of a one-shot kill. Although, it has a weakness too. Peanut does not move if you’re directly looking at him. Also, it makes a sound when it is moving. 

Peanut spawns on LCZ, so they’re likely to only come face to face with either Scientist or D-Boys, both unarmed initially. But since you have restrictions, you’ll have to be sneaky. Wait for your prey and strike when they’re distracted. Don’t worry about speed, Peanut is a fast boi.  

SCP-096 – Shy Guy

096 ability is going into rage mode when someone is looking at it. Poor guy panics when someone is looking at it, like all of us. In this mode, you’re very powerful making you an extremely formidable opponent. Outside of it, however, nothing is surprising. 

Since the rage is powerful, your strategy is to be in a position where people look directly at you. A playstyle with 096 cannot be aggressive because they’re slow and only great when looked at. Best bet as 096 is to be defensive and work in unison with your other alien buddies.

Look (pun intended), 173 cannot work if someone is looking at it, and 096 does only when someone is looking at it. A nice tag-team strategy is on the table.  

SCP-106 – Old Man

Man sees no door. Man just simply teleports. SCP 106 is fairly powerful and has some great powers like those we just mentioned—ignore doors and teleportation. 106 is very effective if someone is camping behind the door. 

Once the old man strikes, the person gets obliterated into his pocket dimensions. Inside, the victim sees tunnels, but only one leads back outside. The rest are walking straight into death. 

In case you’re the one who gets trapped inside the tunnel, look for any markings left by people who’ve been there before. This is the rule and you too should follow the same. 

SCP-106 have projectile resistance, so they’re pretty much immune to bullets, be wary of grenades though. Don’t be afraid to head straight and do spawn traps at obvious spawns like MTF. 

There are several shortcomings for this SCP, including the sound of your footsteps and slow speed.

106 are made for teamwork with other SCPs, like luring targets into traps and pushing those camp rooms. 

A popular trick is to farm kills on an elevator. You can place a portal inside, and when it is called, you can go there and kill ’em all.

SCP-049 – Plague Doctor

049 is perhaps some of the best SCPs you could spawn with. Not only do they have good strong damage but they also have the crazy superpower to turn anyone dead into a zombie. 

Ideally, your best and most fun stuff to do is raise an army of your own. But only people who have been dead for no more than 10 seconds can be turned. That means you have to be quick. 

The damage, as said, is good enough to 1-4 shot enemies. 049 is highly versatile, so you can use almost all the strategies we mentioned above. Like sneaking, elevator farming, or using an exclusive strategy like raising a horde. 


This one is basically the zombie created by 049. Since it is supposed to be paired with another dozen such similar zombies, the best strategy is to stick with the team and work like a horde. 

Your spawn point will be the same place where you died. If you were previously teaming up with anyone, you can outsmart them if you wish to.   

SCP-939 – Who’s the good boy? 

939 has a weird superpower that can be handy if used effectively. Since it is based around dogs, lizards, or whatever, the special power is sound. If anybody makes sounds, 939 will be able to locate where the person is, even through walls. 

The other weird ability includes speaking like a human. Yes, this means you can lure someone into a room by baiting as a human, while all your other alien buddies will be waiting for the right moment to pounce. 

Given the power and nature of 939, it is best used as support and help for other SCPs, like setting the trap we just mentioned. 

That was all for SCP: Secret Laboratory. Of course, there is much to learn, and you’ll eventually figure out a lot more than what’s mentioned here once you start to get the hang of all these things. Meanwhile, you can read other guides at Blackpowder Games.  

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